TOBY Awards – What You Need to Know


Known as The Outstanding Building of the Year Awards, many commercial property owners want to get their hands on such a prestigious award because it shows how well recognized your property is all over the world. But such award seems like not the average person is familiar with. This is highly more popular among those that are working in the industry of real estate. Such a prestigious award will never go unnoticed by these agents. Here are a few facts about this prestigious award.

All About TOBY

TOBY is an annual event. This award is given to the deserving winner, which recognizes the brightest and best in property management, service, and building operations within the real estate industry. The TOBY Awards is not a single award at all. There are 17 different categories in this, and 9 different categories that are awarded for Industry Awards. Since these awards are recognized internationally, the winners in the local area then move to the Regional competition then hopefully they can win an award at the International Competition for the TOBY Awards.

These awards are given during the TOBY and Industry Awards Night on the 11th month of each year.

Below are the 17 categories that get awarded with the TOBY Awards:

  • l Historical Building
  • l Earth
  • l Corporate Facility
  • l Office Building (industrial)
  • l Renovated Building
  • l Public Assembly
  • l Mixed-Use
  • l Medical Office Building
  • l Lab
  • l Mid Rise, Award for Suburban Office Park
  • l Low-Rise, Award for Suburban Office Park
  • l Retail
  • l Under 100,000 sq.ft.
  • l Between 100,000 and 249,999 sq.ft.
  • l Between 250,000 and 499,999 sq.ft.
  • l Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 sq.ft.
  • l More than 1,000,000 sq.ft.

For the Industry Award Categories, they are:

  • l Engineer of the Year
  • l Affiliate Member of the Year
  • l Affiliate Company of the Year
  • l Executive Engineer of the Year
  • l Property Manager of the Year (each for Suburban, High-Rise, Mid-Rise, and Low-Rise)

How participants enter the TOBY Awards Competition

For buildings:

  • l You are required to read the requirement packet on the call for entries of the current cycle in order to know more about the eligibility of the building for every category. Once decided that your building is eligible and you want to join the upcoming competition for TOBY Awards, you need to contact the right person so that you are letting the TOBY Awards organizers you are participating in the event.
  • l Register the building and start building up the content of the building you are submitting for the competition, which is based on the data that you found through the manual of Call for Entries. You can even start entering the data of your building through the online portal, where you can access in this website.
  • l By the time you are already satisfied with the entry and that you are to send it, click on the portal’s Submit button. Do take note that once you have clicked on the submit button, the entry you’ve made is already final and that you can never go back and do any changes or updates. The online portal will then prompt the visitor to input a coupon code. This can be found along the “Card Type” at the drop-down menu right on the payment page. This gives you the opportunity to enter your building into the local contest without paying up for any international or regional entry fees. Do take note that once the local competition has concluded at the official event, the application you passed will then be released by the organization BOMA International for the updates and review if you ever wish to move on to the Regional competition for the TOBY awards.

If you are serious about this competition, make sure that you have the details right so that you won’t be making the mistake of entering the wrong info.