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Toby Awards is under the BOMA or Building Owners and Managers Association, which is a federation that consists of 90 BOMA US members and 18 other international affiliates. First founded in the year 1907, it represents the managers and owners of all the commercial types of property, including the almost 10.5 billion sq.ft. Of US office space that supports around 1.7 million jobs and also contributes to the US GDP at $234.9 billion.

The primary mission of this organization to advance further the vibrant industry of commercial real estate through knowledge, influence and advocacy. You will find here more information on how the TOBY awards are awarded to the one that deserves it.

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What is the TOBY Awards?

It’s quite peculiar that the Outstanding Building of the Year Award is referred to as TOBY Awards. It is a very prestigious award since it means that whichever building is given such award, they have adhered to the strict and aggressive standard building code. It is like a Michelin grade for buildings.

This means that the award is given out for competitions. Every facet of the building, not only with how the building is built, every operation is evaluated for the award. They are judged according to various factors, which you will learn more about in this website.

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